Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions:



All buyers and sellers on this site must have a valid commercial license issued by the OMMA. 

A picture of the seller’s commercial license must be included in the listing. Seller must request a copy of buyers license after the auctions ends. 

It is the responsibility of the buyer and sell to validate licensing before the transaction.  

Seller pays $5.00 non-refundable listing (up to $25 for premium listings).  Buyer pays 1.5% non-refundable fee on winning bid price.  

All bids are final and legally binding. 

The purchase of product is at time of delivery. Buyer does not pay seller through OKcannabismarket.com. Wish we could but cannot. 

It is to be determined by the buyer and seller where the product(s) will be picked up or shipped within Oklahoma only. Seller should include cost per mile to deliver product.  Example: $2.50 per mile delivery fee from Downtown Tulsa.   

Seller should post a time and place to meet with potential buyers to view product before auction ends.

When registering, all users accept and agree to the these terms and conditions.